UK - EFA Language School

Activities and Excursions

Our great free activity programme is included with most Junior Holiday Courses*. Depending on the course, examples are:

  • Sports, tennis, swimming, bowling
  • Discos, clubs and pubs
  • Town walk, tour of Torbay, town rally
  • Excursions, for example to The Eden Project, London, Exeter, Plymouth or Dartmoor 

* the actual programme depends on the course type, age group, and time of year. Free activities are inluded with most holiday courses, while most standard and business courses do not include a free activity programme. Some activities and/or excursions may be offered at extra cost. Please email us at if you have any questions.

Afternoons & Evenings


In the afternoons and evenings as well as on the weekends a number of different activities and excursions can be booked. Depending on the time of year and the type of course, these activities and excursions can be booked as an extra (most standard courses) or are already included in the course fee (most holiday courses). Some of these activities and excursions are only available in the Summer month, while others can be booked all year round.

Trips further afield

Other examples for language holiday activities and excursions are Quay West Beach Resort, a trip to Cockington or a visit to Kents Cavern or the Model Village. Discos, clubs and pubs are also popular with our students.


Students also have the opportunity to take part in additional excursions and activities. These include for example: cinema visits, theatre visits, country inn tours, visits to castles and stately homes and trips to theme parks. Full details of additional excursions and activities, together with the price list, can be found in the information pack provided at the start of the course.

Our teachers, course directors, organisers, and group leaders will be happy to assist you if you wish to organise other activities that you may be interested in, such as sailing, horse riding, wind surfing, theatre visits, among other things. All language course activity programmes depend on the course type, age group, and time of year.